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years ago, when i was younger, i became friends with this girl i really didnt know. this being elementary school, i was “trying to find myself” and who i would hang out with. this process from my 9 year old perspective at that point was veiwed as a tragedy where i had become alone, so alone. being a lost soul, tossed amoung the waves of that one whirlpool in Scotland, i roamed the feild for what seemd like days. it was probably acouple mintues but hey, who gives a fuck. i walk out to the farthest out supervisors would alow and saw jessica (girl i was friends with for a while, i stoped hangin out with her for some reason) and this other asian chick. she had a cellphone that had internet acess and they were watching youtube videos and were loling the fuck out. so i joined them.

the asian chick’s name was katie. she was short and in the other 4th grade class (our school being ghetto, we only had like 2 classes for each grade i think) and i dont think i ever really saw/noticed her before that. she was into anime and was kinda emo. i hung out with her and jessica for a while cause i liked watching the videos because they were fuckin funny. (nigahiga btw. IN THE BEGGING DAYS WHEN THEY WERENT AS FAMOUS. I MISS THAT)  the quiestion even came up “are you just being our friend to watch videos ?” which i duittifully said no to. (but i think thats the way it was for a while) after a while jessica got out of touch or something fuck i dont remeber that shit. i do remeber just walking around the feild talking about anything. she told me that her parents were divorced but still lived together and that they owned the doughnut store down the street. when i was young and fool-hardy, i would run down the street in the morning and meet her as she came to school and walk back twoards the school. i would also go after school. i was scared the whole time. so time goes on and BAM. its 5th grade.i have no idea how we got through the summer. i have no reccolection of the events inbetween.

sorry i was looking at ponies.

so fifth grade happened and she brought a manga to school. it was called pixie pop and it was the first manga i ever read. i was hooked. the me that is typing is here because of that. without it, none of this would have happened. probaly. she also introduced me to MMV’s and maplestory animations, of which i got kinda famous for. I wasnt like OMGPokii or xPwahaha, but last time i checked i had bout 750 subscribers and had contributted to the communtity. i lied 700 subs. that molded alot of me becuase it introduced me to the INTERWEBS. WOO. she also got me into drawing, and i still remember m first anime drawing ever. it was dogshit. but it lead me to learning more and wanting to become an artist and be creative n shit.

so 6th grade happens and i think by then we were linking arms and walkin round bein the bestest friends anyone could ever think of ever. we just walked around the school arm in arm, hands in our respective posckets not giving a shit. then this BITCH HOLE MARIELA started talkin bout us being lesbians and i we like wtf ? no. but then katie said she didnt wanna link anymore. i also think we hugged alot. that couldnt happen either. i was really sad. but we continued to be bff’s until the end of time.

so middle school happens and shit was cool. alot of shit happened that didnt have anything to do with the plot or anything. CONSIDER IT FILLER. so in eight grade, shit started to go down. our friend mira, said she was bi and kinda liked katie and was all rapey with her. also my nickname was rapen. because i loved katie that much and also pretending to be a creepy rapist was funny. dont ask me why. and so some guys in science (which was the only class we had together that year, per ussual) were being total dicks. his name was cody and i think connor or somehintg. he was being a real asshole to katie and me being protective and honorable i wanted to stand up for her. i tried to talk to her about it but she said she was okay with it, which i really didnt understand becuase HE WAS BEING A FUCKING DICK HOLE. but then that eventually was looked over because bigger shit was going down. in eight grade they would tell you what school you were going to based on where you lived, and even though i could walk to katie’s house we were going to different schools. our house areas were divided BY A STREET. her school was in one direction and mine was in the other. we tried to decide what school to choose but both of us wanted to go to the school we were sent to and wanted the other to go to theirs. neither would budge our position, really. we even had our parents talk about it. but her father being the liar, ass and dick he is told my mother that katie would go to my school for a year to see if she liked it, while he told katie that i would go to her school for a year. after that i went away for two weeks and it was the worst vacation i ever had.

on that vacation i had a dream. we was about to leave and my parents were waiting for me, visibly angry. i ran down the road as fast as i could because i wanted to see katie once before i left. i did catch up with her and her parents in their car, an she layed her head in my lap and i stroked her hair and said goodbye, i’ll see you soon. i think it was my subconciuos’s way of giving me a little but of happiness since that vacation was bullcrap and also so i could remeber her face, because i missed her. so after that i ran back to my house and my dad shoved a bag of dog treats into my hands, as if a puppy had died in my absence. i felt so guilty. they all went into the garage and i stood there thinking about that dead dog. i ran into the garage and they were gone. i screamed no, and tried to call my mother and all i could think of was their angry and disgusted faces.

so, um. im gonna finish this tomorrow. with the school changing part.